GS INDUSTRY designs and manufactures storage systems, logistics solutions, automation systems for all product sectors, offering a wide range of modular solutions, standard or customized, from office racks to robotic industrial warehouses.

The company was founded in nel 2013 as s.r.l. It is one of the first public companies in Italy, consisting of a pool of 14 people, including entrepreneurs and professionals from the Padua and Vicenza area and some workers. Founder and president is Pino Rossi. At his side there are Andrea Oro, who immediately joined the Board of Directors, the CISL trade union representative of the workers, an entrepreneur from the steel world, a supplier of raw materials and an accountant. The public company fully expresses the managerial model promoted by Pino Rossi, in which the widespread participation in company decisions finds strength and stability in a solid directive base.

In 2015-16 the management team consolidated, becoming H Industry srl, led by Alberto Costa (Sole Director). In 2017 the corporate structure was strengthened with the transformation into GS INDUSTRY SPA. At the helm there is Andrea Oro (Sole Director), who with his constant presence follows all the activities of the company, with the precious collaboration and long experience of Stefano Rubin. Pino Rossi remains as Supervisor and Coordinator of business development strategies.

Since 2013, the company has recorded a strong growth trend, thanks to the constant investment in Research and Development and the expansion of the markets. Today the company is among the most advanced in the storage and logistics sector. It is present on the main markets of Europe, North Africa and the Gulf countries.

The GS INDUSTRY office is in Galliera Veneta (PD), in a modern 20,000 square meter factory, with more than 60 employees and concrete prospects for staff expansion. The plant is equipped with over 25 profiling lines, numerous molding lines and machine tools, a modern painting plant and a wide range of precision mechanical equipment and systems.


  • Governance - The principles in which we believe and that animate our society are widespread participation and sharing, essential to nurture team spirit and a climate of pro-active, responsible and ethical collaboration.

    “Even with these conditions of sharing, the Board of Directors or the Sole Director maintain their role of leadership, strategic evaluation, planning, management and decision-making. They play their role with transparency, fairness and responsibility, to ensure solid growth for the company for the benefit of all.”
    Pino Rossi (Supervisor and Development Strategies Coordinator)
  • Production and R & D - We constantly invest in Research and Development, also in collaboration with Universities, with the aim of continuously improving the quality standards of our products, starting from the structural analysis and selection of the most performing materials. Some of our design products are covered by an international patent.
  • Customers -Customer is at the center. Our strength lies in the ability to develop and implement ad hoc projects for maximum satisfaction. We assist the customer in the periodic checks of the structures, as required by the regulations.
  • Staff: safety and training - GS INDUSTRY SPA adheres to the Lavoro Sicuro/ Safe Work project and does not register any accidents at work. Personnel training (team of designers and production staff) is a value in which we firmly believe.
  • Suppliers - Certified raw materials and solid business relationships with suppliers are a guarantee of stability and quality of the finished product.
  • Environment - GS INDUSTRY SPA is constantly committed to protecting the environment. He consistently chooses the most eco-sustainable work processes and chooses recycled steels for raw materials.